Day 4: Presenting the letter to the donors

The #Farmers4TheFuture trek is coming to an end! After 3 days of meeting with other farmers, sharing experience, and talking with local governments, now the time has come to go speak directly to the donors. Donor agency fund large scale, chemical intensive agricultural project, and the aim of the trek was to build support, showcase successes, to ask them to shift their funds to ecological farming projects.


We regrouped in a park nearby our first visit, the Japanese International Cooperation Agency, to start a march to their doors. While a small delegation of farmers and partners went inside to present the letter, the #Farmers4TheFuture delivered an interview, and read the letter in front of the entrance.

The group then moved to our second destination, the Netherlands embassy. The discussion went on for more than an hour, and at the end they agreed to receive the letter.


So what’s next? We will have follow up discussions after this first engagement, and we will continue to put pressure on donor agencies so they shift their policies. A movement has started, we’ll build on it to be even stronger.

If you haven’t done it yet, join and sign the letter here, or send “FARMERS” by SMS to +254 706 885 184

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