Ecological farmers teach methods to face drought to conventional farmers

In Machakos county, farmers have decided to take the future into their own hands. Farmers using ecological farming methods, have triumphantly dealt with drought, but they have seen their fellow farmers, who used chemical fertilisers, struggle with failed crops and depleted land. These ecological farmers have decided they want to help during a 3 days workshop, supported by ICE and Greenpeace Africa! READ MORE >>


Climate Change and Agriculture

What is the big crisis facing global agriculture? A complex question but the answer will involve two core aspects: the role of the Green Revolution and industrial agriculture in vitiating water, soil and plant health and the other, the need to adapt and mitigate the effects of climate change.

Triumphs and failures as farmers tackle drought

Today, the Machakos region is struggling with the effects of the ravaging drought, just like many regions of the country. While many farmers are struggling, others have adopted modern ecological farming methods to cope with the situation, and even thrive in these rough conditions.

Rising food prices hurt the poor, not big agricultural companies

The drought has also meant rising food prices for basic commodities in Kenya. Food inflation in January 2017 stood at 12.4% with highest price increases recorded for cabbages, spinach, sukuma wiki, maize flour, and maize grain.

Drought: The alarm bell for the future Kenya needs

Since October, a severe drought, influenced by the effects of climate change and La Niña, has ravaged East and Horn of Africa. Over 11million people have been affected while pasture livestock are dying off by the thousands. It is clear that urgent, life-saving measures need to be taken.

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